Applications of Crash Barrier

Crash Barrier | crash barriers on roads | safety barriers roads | crash barrier in bridge
  • Restraining Barriers On Embankments Of Expressways & Highways
  • Containment Barriers On Medians And Grade Separators On Four/Six Lane Roads
  • Protection Barriers/Containment Barriers For Hilly Terrains And Ghat Roads
  • Race Car Crash Guards On Car Racing Tracks
  • Interior Traffic Safety At Airports, Plants Handling Hazardous Chemicals, Mines, Collieries, Etc
  • Fencing Barriers For Country Borderlines, Expanse Lands, Water Bodies, Bridge Piers, Signposts, Rocky Areas, Etc

types of Barrier

Metal crash barriers conforming to all major specification like:


Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, India (MORTH)


American (AASHTO M 180)


Euronorm (EN 1317 – 1&2)

Metal Crash Barrier | Single Faced Single Barrier | Single Faced double Barrier | Double Faced single Barrier | Double Faced Double Barrier

standard specification

Metal Crash Barrier as per “The Ministry of Rood Transport & Highways, India” (MORTH), Clause 810 and:

  • Circular No: RW/NH/33022/1/94 DO: III dated 24th June 1994
  • Circular No: RW/NH/33044/2/88/S & R: dated 9th May 2000
Metal Crash Barrier | Car Racing Tracks | Fencing Barriers

Components of Metal Crash Barrier

    W Beams
  • Cold roll formed in thickness of 3.00 mm/2.67 mm
  • Raw material conforming to IS 5986 Grade: Fe 360 / Fe 410 / Fe 510, IS 10748 Grade II or eqvt
    End specials
  • 3 mm/2.67 mm thick turned down end terminals
  • 3/2.67 mm thick press formed end terminals (Fish fail)
  • 3/2.67 mm U shaped terminals as median end terminals
  • M20 and MI6 fasteners as per IS 1367 Grade 4.6/8.8
  • Hot dip galvanized
    Posts & Spacer
  • Cold roll formed in thickness of 5.00 mm/4.2 mm
  • Raw material conforming to IS 5986 Grade: Fe 360 / Fe 410, IS 10748 Grade II or eqvt
  • Hot dip galvanized to 550 gms/sq.m
  • Anchored in ground as per Clause 810
  • Anchored in concrete on shoulders (If specified)
  • Anchored in concrete with base frame on bridges