Ganges Internationale is now a Member of NATE

The Communication Infrastructure Contractors Association is a non-profit trade association providing a unified voice for tower erection, maintenance, and service companies. NATE is headquartered in Watertown and South Dakota.

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Fastest-growing Digital Economies

In the past decade, India has emerged as one of the fastest growing digital economies and the largest consumers of data globally. The India tower industry has been a pivotal force in steering the connectivity revolution. Between 2007 and 2020, number of towers have grown over two-fold at a CAGR of 7.1% to reach 606,300.

Our ground based towers are optimized in weights and have less foundation volumes which gives our customer an overall savings of 15-20% on the total tower cost including foundation and erection

5G Technology

As the construction of 5G networks continues at a rapid pace, the importance of telecom towers is growing. We at Ganges are well prepared and fully equipped to deliver Telecom Tower solutions for any challenging demands from the Tower companies or the mobile network operators

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With the arrival of 5G expected to trigger a surge in data usage, operators will need more infrastructure. Ganges can supply the most cost effective roof top tower solutions, In-building solutions, 5G Antenna brackets and mounts.

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Quality and timely delivery

As a leading Indian tower Manufacturer, Ganges focus is on the Quality and timely delivery of the towers to its customers

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Scope of work

Ganges has the capability to manufacture telecom towers as per customer specific design and can also design manufacture and export telecom towers as per customer requirements

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Tower Steel

Ganges has tie-up with leading steel mills for supply of steel as per international standards for manufacturing of telecom towers

Global Footprints

60,000 Towers supplied to over 25 countries